February News

Have you ever wondered how a marimba fits in a car, or how you can get three flutes in a single backpack?  Have you ever wondered what music might sound like if it was less than one year old?

You’re in luck, because Lawler & Fadoul will be answering those questions and more this month and next.

We start of next weekend with our new Kinderkonzert at the Kennedy Center:  Break it Down! explores the ways music and musical instruments come apart and can go back together, and is perfect for the curious concert-goer age 4 or older.  Then, at the Mid-Atlantic and New York Flute Club Flute Fairs, we premiere new Preludes written for us by composers Katherine Hoover and Roshanne Etezady, as well as other pieces from our upcoming CD.

See next few posts for details — we hope to see you at one of our shows!

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