Our latest tour:

“Very interactive. They played a lot of music, and had students up and dancing, clapping, singing. The kids absolutely loved it.”

“Delivering a repertoire that ranges from new-age pieces to the classics, the duo … have combined their talents for a sound known in the industry as unique. ”

“The number one question that kids and adults ask us after every single performance is ‘How did you get that marimba here?’”

The media on our CD Prelude Cocktail:

“Collaborative artistry at its finest.”

“Over the marvelously varied course of 38 tracks, the ear is treated to a vast spectrum of colours, primarily exploring the mixture of wood, metal along with the artistic ‘fire in the belly’ from the composers and performers.” 

“I was quite blown away by this album, it sounds incredible!”

“The resulting performances are delicate and beguiling, even whimsical, but seriously musical.”

“With a disc such as this it is virtually impossible to select highlights as these two soloists know so well what they are about that everything works like the proverbial dream.”

More reviews of Lawler + Fadoul:

“Next came a group of pieces played by seasoned professionals Paul Fadoul, marimba, and Zara Lawler, flute.  Fadoul deftly handled the keyboard part of a Bach flute sonata, a feat comparable to playing the piano using only the thumb and pinky of each hand.  Lawler’s flawless playing, particularly her colors, sound effects and snappy rhythms in two Astor Piazzolla tangos, was the high point of the evening.”

“Lawler was an engaging, fluent, mellifluous soloist.”

  • Houston Chronicle

“[Fadoul] knows how to evoke mystery in the dying fall of a phrase and let tension gather in the silences between them.”

  • The Washington Post