Our innovative new show called Clickable will feature the music of persuasion, incorporating custom-made jingles, new work we have commissioned from composer Ralph Farris and other artists, along with historical protest songs and dust jacket texts. You can be an integral part of the show! We invite you to order your very own jingle, which we will perform in the show and deliver to you as a keepsake recording.  Each jingle will be performed in at least two shows, one in New York and one on a national stage. You can order a jingle for yourself, a loved one, or even your business! As one happy patron said, “It’s the height of life to have a jingle in your honor!”

If you would like to discuss possibilities before ordering, please contact us.

Sample Jingles:

2014 Thank You Jingle

Business Jingle:  The Sweet Shop NYC

Personal Jingle:  John & Eileen Lawler, House Concert Hosts

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