Thanks for a remarkable and musical performance. Our students enjoyed the dancing and echo clapping. The students were glad to be invited up to participate in the performance. This was an enjoyable concert/music lesson because the students were able to participate and perform. Just marvelous! hope you can return again.

-Michael Taylor, Music Teacher, J.O. Wilson Elementary School, Washington, DC

Thanks again for a wonderful show!! You guys are amazing! You are so friendly, and pleasant to work/organize with, and the kids absolutely love your shows. It is funny, entertaining, interactive, engaging, and you guys are both incredible musicians!                                                       -Luke Hoffman, Music Teacher, Peabody Elementary School, Washington, DC

You delighted and inspired our audience this morning. Thank you!
-Carolyn Circeo Ronco, Director of the Lower School, Durham Academy, Durham, NC

It’s a miracle!
-kindergartner upon seeing the marimba for the first time

There’s so many contraptions on it.
-third grader upon seeing all the keys of the flute up close

Lawler & Fadoul are dedicated, engaging and creative educators. Through our many years performing for children and family audiences, we have developed a highly successful repertoire of interactive performances that captivate children and build their music knowledge at the same time.  Lawler + Fadoul perform more than 40 concerts a year as an In-School Ensemble for the National Symphony Orchestra.  Our outreach programming is based on our performance repertoire and always includes individual instrument demonstrations and time for questions.

Programs currently offered are:

lawler & fadoul funBREAK IT DOWN!  Premiered at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, this highly interactive program delights in dissecting the pieces and parts of music and musical instruments. Students will be amazed by the way instruments from the wind and percussion families are taken apart and put back together again.  PreK-5th grade, for main stage performances.

“As a school principal — and amateur musician — I have nothing but the highest praise of Lawler & Fadoul’s “Break It Down.” But much more importantly, our kids were thoroughly entranced by the show! A blend of classic and well known pieces, including a few measures of the theme from Star Wars, had our kids envisioning themselves being tomorrow’s drummer, or flutist, or musicians of all stripes. “Break It Down” gave our students a tremendous platform for not only understanding the rhythms and techniques of making music, but also writing and even recording their own music. I give “Break It Down” my highest recommendation for any school that wants its students to have an appreciation and understanding of the joy of music!”
-Paul Swanson, Principal, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, Falls Church, Virginia

LET’S DANCE! a fun, hands-on exploration of dance rhythms (waltz, menuet, tango).  Students get to dance and create rhythms as well as listen.  Available in two age-appropriate versions (k-2 and 3-6), and designed for up to three classrooms at a time.  Running time 35-45 minutes.

Prelude Speed Round Wild Card

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?  An interactive adventure in music for many voices (polyphony).  Starting from kids’ real-world experience of polyphony, the din of the lunchroom, students explore the ways composers make sense out of sonic confusion.  Grades 3-6, for up to 50 students at a time.

FREE-FOR-ALL CONCERTS  An interactive concert for grown-ups, the Free-for-All encourages listeners to take in the music in any way they like…lying down on the floor, getting up and dancing, wandering around the marimba, or even looking over the musicians’ shoulders.  Repertoire to be adapted from our current programming.

COMMUNITY CONCERTS  Our natural, accessible stage presence and interesting repertoire combine with our unique (and mobile) instrumentation for the ideal community outreach programs, even in venues with no piano.  We are happy to work with you to perform in local retirement homes, community centers, board rooms, hospitals…you name it.

CLASSES & COACHINGS: Lawler & Fadoul can offer a variety of classes and coachings to suit the needs of schools and ensembles, including master classes and technique building sessions, chamber music coaching, lecture/demonstrations on memorization and practice techniques, and private lessons.  Please contact us directly so we can meet your community’s needs.