Flute & Marimba Camp Part 3: Demo Session

Well, the day seemed like it was starting under a cloud of mishaps, when, armed with two GPS devices, a map and downloaded directions, we still got lost on the way to American University.

We finally ended up at AU’s Katzen Arts Center (“you can’t miss it—it’s got all these pink and purple and green sculptures out front”), where we were recording our demo as part of Mike Harvey’s Advanced Studio Techniques Class.

First shout out goes to Mike for inviting us to work with his class, and thereby giving us the opportunity to record in the very very nice AU Katzen Recital Hall. (woot woot!)

Second shout out goes to the boyz in the class (there weren’t any grrlz), Drew, Rob, Matt, and the others that were really helpful but we’re divas and forgot their names. They bent over backwards making the experience victorious. We won! They were so thoughtful about every detail from the mic placement to the note-taking. We can’t wait to hear the finished product.

What we recorded, all in two hours actual recording time:
Ravel: Piece en form de Habanera
Piazzolla: Histoire du Tango (Bordel 1900)
Takemitsu: Toward the Sea (The Night)

Now all we need is a name for our duo. Oh, yeah, and some gigs. Please help us and send suggestions! (And/or hire us for some gigs).

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