Flute & Marimba Camp Awards

Ladies and Gentlemen, as we come to the end of the first session of 2009’s Flute & Marimba Camp (three days of rehearsal at PJ’s in DC), it is time for some awards:

Most Improved Duo: Zadie & PJ
Most Out of Tune Note: concert B-flat on the alto flute, and A3 on the marimba
Best Breakfast: Einstein Brothers Bagels
Waggingest Tail: Java Littlekins of the Shire

Comments from PJ on winning the Most Improved Duo award:

It was a lot of hard work. Though I have to say, the marimba didn’t do much. The instruments just sat there until we played them. Next time, I’m going to expect a little more collaboration with the marimba and the flute.

Travel provided by: Megabus

See you next session!

Gotta go, and see if I can get PJ to sign my autograph book.

Here is Java, tail in mid-wag.

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