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Clickable: Family Friendly (but PG-13 for language)

Wondering whether or not to bring the kids to a performance of Clickable?  Read on for all the details.

Clickable is, in many ways, an ideal performance experience for young people:

-It is just under an hour with no intermission.
-It is theatrical, so there are many “entry points” into the music.
-There are fun, funny, live commercial breaks throughout the show.
-The music is beautiful and not particularly abstract.
-There are multiple opportunities to sing and whistle along during the show.
-We love performing for young people and are happy to have them in the audience.

However, there is one caveat:  unlike most classical concerts, Clickable includes two curse words and explores some grown-up themes.  As they often say in “This American Life,” it acknowledges the existence of sex.

All families are different and have different content-standards for their young ones.  We want to make sure that you have all the information you need to decide whether or not to bring your kids to Clickable.  Below, you can find the words to the two PG-13 sections of the show.  See what you think.  And then let us know!  Send us an email if you have more questions, or if you come to the show with your kids and would like to reflect on the experience:  lawler@lawlerandfadoul.com

Dust Jacket:  Power Money Fame Sex
(A musical number by Jason Nett based on the dust jacket to the self-help book of the same name by Gretchen Rubin.  It is staged as a mock self-improvement seminar.)

Learn from Michael Jordan, Robert Moses, Machiavelli, and Madonna.  Here at last is the guide for using Power Money Fame Sex that describes what actually works rather than what ought to work.  Instructive, ruthless, subversive, and entertaining, Power Money Fame Sex reveals the mysteries of office politics and personal posturing.  Whether you’re gunning for a promotion at work, a trophy wife, the cover of Time, or a very early retirement, you’ll find the secrets laid bare in this guide. 

What magazines should adorn your coffee table?  Why does your boss flaunt a string of identical blonde girlfriends?  How do you create a bidding war, for yourself?  Here you’ll find clear illustrations, tips and quizzes, ready to use Monday morning.  Lurking beneath this blunt advice is a piercing social critique.  Why would we choose to become a self-promoter, a bully, or a tease? 

Rubin deciphers the strategies of Warren Buffet, Mohammed Ali, Gwyneth Paltrow, Richard Nixon and Princess Diana.  Vital concepts emerge, such as the principle of dis-expectation (think of a CEO in shorts and a t-shirt), the platinum rule (to whom much is given, more is given), and fame frottage (to get fame, rub up against somebody famous).  And if you don’t have time to study the classics by Plutarch, Sun-tzu, and Cassinova, read on for a synthesis of their most important ideas.  Once you understand the tactics found here, it’s up to you to decide how to use them.

Whether the intricate code exposed in Power Money Fame Sex inspires or infuriates you, remember, if these rules aren’t working for you, they’re working against you.

Click. Tweet. Like. Repost.
(A spoken word piece reflecting on social media and its impact on social movements, by poet Liza Jessie Peterson.  Below is are excerpts that include adult language.)

Each revolution uploaded
Each revolution has a hashtag
Each revolution I can choose to scroll and
Click tweet like repost while running on the treadmill I can sign that petition
Then engage in twitter wars hurling Molotov cocktails in the comments under your status like a real keyboard warrior Facebook gangster cyber soldier I can blow you to smithereens with all that I know decimating your post picking up followers and friends who want to scroll my page of information news updates because my page is the shit, certified bonified, legit.

Scroll until your fingers get numb from the ever ending trending
Hashtag dump trump/hastag whitesupremacy is a helluva drug/ hashtag fuck racism/hashtag prison/ hashtag poverty sucks/hashtag climate change is not a hoax/hashtag water is a human right/ hashtag Flint/ hashtag world peace/ hashtag no more war/ hashtag love wins/ hashtag  Monsanto Frankenstein corn crops kill 27 million bees/hashtag corporations are not people/ hashtag/hashtag/hashtag your passion/hashtag your heart